Las Vegas Rags to Riches

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Hi, I am what you call a rags to riches story that moved to Las Vegas with $50 bucks and a bus ticket and made over $700,000 without gambling!! Well no major gambling anyway, i did count cards for two months if you want to call that gambling!;) I am now writing a book about my Las Vegas adventure to show other ordinary people like myself who are thinking about moving to Las Vegas and making some real money, how to do it!! Now there are some rules to this because Las Vegas is a very tempting place and it is easy to get caught up in all the hype, but if you don’t do the things most people do when they come to Vegas to give all their money away, you can be successful at making money in this fine city just like I have done! I had no work experience in the job that started out being $18.00 an hour that now pays over $30.00 an hour. Yes their are no work experience jobs that start at $30 bucks an hour here! You just have to know how to find them! This is only a test advertisement so if you would like to hear more about my story and how you can do the same thing I have done and can even do it better, email me at:


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