How to Make Money in Vegas

Stay tune because I am putting a short book together on how to make money in Las Vegas! And if you don’t have any or have very little this book will be perfect for you! See these are all money making ideas that I personally done and have made money with, some more then others but they all worked! Like I said in my bio, I arrived in Las Vegas with $50.00 and a bus ticket and live on the street for two days, so that will let you know that I did not have any money when I arrived here. I will show you some simple ideas that I came up with and some ideas that other people had already started but i just put my spin on them to make them work for me. I didn’t have a job waiting on me when I got here but I knew with all the money that comes into this city every single day, all i need to do was to be a little creative and I could start putting some of them dollars that this city rakes in every day, in my pockets! See a lot of people will go to a new city and the first thing they look for is a job, but what if companies are not hiring?


It usually will take a couple of months to find a job when you first move to a new city, but I didn’t have a couple of months to wait! I needed money right then, so that’s what I looked for, ways to make money without having a job and that is what I did!  Do you know that there are 30 to 40 thousand people that come to Las Vegas every single day? Yes its true, look it up! And they all come here to do one thing…and that is to SPEND MONEY!!;-) Just think if you could get a dollar from just half of them or even a quarter of them everyday, you think that would boost your bank account some? Yes it would and the casinos get theirs boosted every single day! Wouldn’t you like to get some of that money as well? Why should they get it all right?

But you can not only make money from the visitors, you can make money just by doing things in the city! Yes I did it and you can too. There are millions and billions of dollars floating around in the city of Las Vegas just waiting on someone to get it! And I am talking about legal, legit ways to make it! Let me just say that I am very proud that I have not done anything crooked to make a penny of the money I have made since moving here and I am very very proud of that, and you can do the same thing! You would be surprise on what a little idea can do for you, and the best part is you can take someones else’s idea to another level and make even more money then they did with their idea! It happens everyday and I have done that a number of times, so why try to reinvent the wheel when you don’t have too! Right?


Now let me just also say I came up with these ideas and made good money with only having an eight grade education! Not something that I am proud of, but I just want to make the point that if I can do it on a eight grade education, you can do it too! I might not be the smartest guy in the world but i like everyone else have ideas, and I’m sure you have some as well, so why not use someone elses  and add yours and put some money in your pockets?  Like I said, a lot of my ideas were actually already done by someone else, I just took them and put just a little spend on it and make it work for me! And you can make these ideas work for you, with little or no money to start with! So stay tune that book is on its way!;-)


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