About Me

Hello, my name is Dale,

First of all I want to that you for visiting my page.  Back in 2001 I brought the first of many real estate course’s that change my life forever, for the better I might add! I always knew I would be rich and I also knew it would be just a matter of time before I achieve my goal of richness! Well after trying and felling at about 15 different businesses (not making over $100k) I decided to give real estate a try. At that time I had heard a lot about real estate and it was said that real estate was one of the sure ways of becoming a millionaire so of course I had an interest in it. Now let me just say that the road to hundred of thousands of dollars wasn’t easy for me!

Me having  an eight grade education didn’t help but I knew if I tried hard and stayed focus I would archive my goal! And I did! At the time I started pursuing real estate I was working for a major casino here in town and we were in one of the busiest season ever so I was working 20 hour days, and I would get off work come home study my real estate course for an hour, jump in the bed for about two hours and then I’m right back up and headed to work to do it all over again! What was crazy was, it seem like the more I tried to quit or leave the company the more work they would put on me, but I knew that it wasn’t something I wanted to do for the rest of my life and I also knew that working for someone else even though I was making good money I knew it wouldn’t make me rich! And that was my dream!

Now let me tell you after working those kind of hours for a couple weeks straight, your mind and body are so drained you don’t know rather you are coming or going but I hung in there and kept pushing! Now let me just give a big thank you to the man who change my life forever before I continue! That man would be Carlton Sheets! Some of you may have heard of him, a few years back he would be on TV late at night selling his real estate course, telling everyone how you can buy real estate without out using your own money or credit and the thing that caught me was he would guarantee his course, and I said well let me give this a try and if it didn’t work at lease I could get my money back .

So I dug deep and brought that $239.00 course and it turned out to be the best $239.00 I ever spent!! I made over $700,000 in a just of couple of years from that course! I think that was well worth you don’t you? Now I am giving you a chance to make that kind of money for a fraction of the price by showing you how I did it! There are other things that I have learned while doing this business that have put even more money in my pocket and I will share it with you!

Fast Forward to 2013!!

This is a step-by-step guide on how to put $1,000 to $15,000 dollars in your pocket within the next 30 days, and do it with little or no money to start and with bad credit!


hmm front cover

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